8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Business Revenue

Abraham II
8 min readDec 7, 2020

Only a few business owners use them.

Photo by Morning Brew On Unsplash

A couple of months ago, before the Coronavirus pandemic began, my uncle, nephew, and I set out to visit a distant relative in another state. We had packed food and all the other essentials we needed for the trip with us in the car.

Halfway into our trip, the most important thing we needed to survive — food had been unapologetically gobbled up by my little nephew who now slept like a tree log behind us, completely oblivious of anything going on around him.

My uncle soon became hungry and we decided to take a detour in search of food. In a completely strange environment and with no prior knowledge of where we could find food, the only thing that could help us was — you guessed it, Google!

I searched Google for “Restaurants Near Me”. Like magic, we soon realized we had unknowingly just passed by a restaurant obscured from sight by a few signposts. Other information like phone numbers and the types of foods they offered to hungry folks were also found there. The rest is history. We would later have some great-tasting food, lazy around a little, and continue our journey.

According to a recent study conducted by BIA/Kelsey — 97% of customers use the internet to find a business.

Today, the importance of having a solid online presence no matter how small your business is, cannot be over-emphasized. Having a strong online presence gives you an edge over your local competition, attracts more customers, brings in more sales, and increases your brand awareness among many other benefits.

Here are a few simple but commonly underestimated ways to quickly boost your online presence today, and begin attracting more business to yourself.

Make a Website

Before you judge me, I would like you to read through the entire article. You never know. You could learn a thing or two, or perhaps, remember something that just could be the missing link you've been searching for.

Now, if you don’t have a website, you’re losing thousands of your prospects to your competition.