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How many times have you heard, "Never give up!" or "No one likes a quitter!"

How many times have you heard inspirational stories where people say "So-and So person faced numerous setbacks, but she kept fighting all along" or "Mr. A and Mrs. B had their problems, but they never gave up on their relationship, even when life got tough."

I’m guessing your response is something along the lines of "more times than I can remember." For a good reason, our culture praises perseverance. …

Why you should say goodbye quickly.

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Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears — Les Brown

This popular quote by Les Brown and many other motivational quotes like these have pushed people like me out of our comfort zones with great success.

But, more often than not, when we see people who have regarded these words closely, we only see the results not the process.

Roy T Benneth defined the comfort zone as ‘a psychological state or position in which one feels totally familiar, safe, at ease and secure’. In this zone, you are not pressured, anxious, or…

From a candid point of view.

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Anyone who is emotionally available to dating would want an ideal relationship. Most of us want the fairytale “happy ever after,” or at least something close to that.

In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find someone with whom you are highly compatible and with whom you can build your idea of a perfect relationship.

Indeed, people differ in their perceptions of what makes an ideal, near-perfect relationship; while some females love the dominant macho man, others love the sweet, tender, somewhat clingy man. Some others love the dangerously mystified…

Only a few business owners use them.

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A couple of months ago, before the Coronavirus pandemic began, my uncle, nephew, and I set out to visit a distant relative in another state. We had packed food and all the other essentials we needed for the trip with us in the car.

Halfway into our trip, the most important thing we needed to survive — food had been unapologetically gobbled up by my little nephew who now slept like a tree log behind us, completely oblivious of anything going on around him.

My uncle soon became hungry and we decided to…

“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” — Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-Founder, and CEO

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With the recent shift in the World Economy, brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, many job-holders who depended on a monthly allowance for survival have been retrenched and left with no means to earn.

This development has increased the number of individuals wanting to set up businesses. The process of starting out as an entrepreneur can be quite stressful. …

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom.” — Aristotle.

Self-discovery is a life-long process. A self-exploration journey. The search into our inner identities. The gradual discovery of who we are, our potentials, our purpose in life, and what core principles guide us along the way.

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Self-discovery begins with self-awareness and then explores our interests, hopes, and dreams for the future.

An inability to undergo a self-discovery process, which typically involves finding who you are, what roles you have to play, and the responsibilities you will need to handle, can lead to an identity crisis.

In his eight-stage theory on human…

Building a strong, lasting friendship can be just as difficult as managing a career.

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In recent times, maintaining close friendships has become increasingly challenging for ambitious, career-oriented men and women. The problem becomes even more pronounced considering how sad or low you feel when you’ve lost touch with your close friends or work buddies, and the toll it takes on your work-life.

We all know that work can be overwhelming! From working longer hours, or taking on a promotion that requires additional tasks, relocating to another city, or trying to gain work experience in a new field. …

“Character is something you forge for yourself; temperament is something you are born with and can only slightly modify” — Sydne J. Harrison.

According to Honors de Balzac, temperament is the thermometer of character. In other words, our character, behaviors, and personality are shaped by our temperament.

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It is a reflection of our personality, emotions, belief system, and attitudes. Every human being possesses unique peculiarities and differences which come to play in their actions and reactions to events.

Temperament is the thermometer of our character.

This unique difference reflected by our actions and reactions to events is identified as temperament…

The pandemic is redefining pleasure-seeking for tourists around the world.

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Humans have always loved to wander, to explore, and to reach places beyond their immediate environs. This is evidenced by lots of events sprinkled throughout history; from moon explorations to interplanetary travels and rover-investigations on Mars, down to deep-sea exploration.

Exploration is a core part of the human gene. One of the primary ways of exploration for humans has always been through travel, whether as a personal pleasure-seeking endeavor or for business/professional reasons.

Other organisms apart from humans love to travel as well. Their shorter lifespans and microscopic natures do…

“First-best is falling in love. Second-best is being in love. Least-best is falling out of love. But any of it is better than never having been in love.” - Maya Angelou

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Just as many believe love can solve almost anything, love is capable of changing a person’s life completely.

When one is in love, they tend to see the world in a whole new light. It feels like everything else doesn’t matter as much anymore.

It’s indeed a magical feeling to fall in love and be loved by someone.

And while gravity has nothing to do with how you feel…

Abraham II


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