A Step by Step Guide to Discover Your True Potential

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom.” — Aristotle.

Photo by Stavrialena Gontzou on Unsplash

A life without the knowledge of who you are, your true abilities, and the implications of these abilities is a life without direction and meaning.

Here are a few questions you must answer to discover your true self and potential.

Who Am I?

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the greatest puzzle.’’ — Lewis Caroll.

What Do I Love Doing?

The self-discovery process takes you through the journey of finding out your purpose and why you exist here on earth.

The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give it away. — David Viscot

The process will make you look within yourself and figure out what you love doing the most. You will need to seek out what gives you a sense of accomplishment every time you do it, what you are passionate about, and what you are willing to do without being paid or coerced.

Where Does My Full Potential Lie?

Potential is unrealized ability. It is having or showing the capacity to develop into something substantial in the future.

Potential is a priceless treasure like gold. All of us have gold hidden within, but we have to dig to get it out. — Joyce Meyer

Your potentials are abilities you possess inside that are yet to be realized. One of the only ways to find out what you are truly capable of is to look deep within you.

How Do I Explore My Found Potentials?

After discovering what you are good at, don't be scared of making a change. Deal with the fear. Don’t let it stop you.

To reach your greatest potential you have to fight your greatest fears.

At first, it may feel like it is something you can’t handle. If you accept what you found out and continue on that path, you will gradually become skilled at it.


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